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About One Small Step

At One Small Step we work to facilitate better communication and help you, our clients, identify and achieve the solutions you need.

These can include

  • untangling a situation
  • finding a way through
  • building agreement
  • choosing how you will let a person, or event, affect you

One Small Step can facilitate restorative practice conversations and meetings; as well as mediation and one-to-one conflict coaching, where our coach works with you, to help bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

One Small Step’s expertise includes helping you to

  • establish and understand the underlying issues that may be contributing to the problem
  • explore any assumptions that you – and others – may have made

Our facilitation and coaching processes are aimed at empowering you and helping you evaluate all your options.

We support you in strengthening your conflict resolution skills and in significantly improving your situation.

One Small Step’s founder, Keave, is a certified member of the Mediators’ Institute of IrelandKeave O'Donnell, Mediator and Conflict Coach, Dublin

Born in Belfast, Keave has always had a keen interest in conflict – how it begins, how it’s expressed, the toll it can take, how and when it can be transformed…

Like many of us, she has been privy to a range of conflict, professionally and personally. Some has been constructive, some rather more destructive.

Many disputes have been very positive. Highlights include Keave’s tenure as the first lay Auditor of the Literary and Debating Society in NUI Maynooth.

Among her worthiest opponents (and best friends) then are some of today’s key figures in business, finance, politics, education, journalism and law.

It is Keave’s experience that conflict can definitely be used constructively – revealing different choices and full information. You are just One Small Step away from getting the best out of your conflict.