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Conflict management coaching, like mediation, is very useful at many different stages of a dispute. Conflict coaching however, is offered on a one-to-one basis.

You might seek coaching when you feel you have had enough. Other times, you might look for it much earlier – when you’d like to head off potential difficulties, before they really begin. Some clients choose One Small Step’s conflict coaching essentially to nurture themselves. Others have found it significantly benefits one or more key relationships.

Here at One Small Step a trained conflict coach will work with you, helping you to:

  • identify your goals
  • discuss different perspectives and any assumptions that may have been made
  • anticipate and understand the ‘hot buttons’ that you, and others, might push
  • explore, and practice, positive ways to achieve your objective
  • examine any barriers that might stop you reaching your goal

Conflict management coaching can be useful before mediation. It is also a good option, where mediation may not be possible.

All sorts of challenges arise throughout our lives. As you know, these can be compounded by dealing with different personality types – and there are sixteen of these. Also, while some people have a high level of self-awareness and reflection, others have work to do, on their emotional intelligence. These differences can create further difficulty, for all.

Conflict management coaching helps you to focus on what you need. It is empowering. The coaching builds on your experience, to help you manage difficulties even more effectively in the future.

Like mediation, conflict management coaching is completely confidential. Sessions usually last about 90 minutes. Often two to three sessions are enough.

If you think now is a good time for conflict coaching, for you or someone else, please get in touch. Clients have found it makes a real difference.