Client Testimonials



Separating couples’ mediation service…

“This mediation has been like labour… Though to be fair, like my labours, it has delivered a wonderful new life.”

“It hasn’t been easy; I’m not used to being this open. You made it possible. Thank you.”

“I’m so much better off than when we started, even though we haven’t reached full agreement. I have greater access to my son now.”

“I started out feeling there would be no winners here; now I’m alot more positive. Thank you.”


Family mediation service

“It hasn’t been easy, but you’ve made it easier. You’ve got us here; and it’s better. Thank you.”

“It took mediation to get this information. It was withheld from me before. Now I have something to work with; and move forward with.”

“This has been so productive. I’ve been able to say a lot of things I really should have said years ago.”

“What a fantastic family mediation service you gave us. My teenage daughter and I are so much calmer with each other now. It’s really cleared the air and reminded us how to connect with each other. Thank you so much.”


Workplace mediation service…

“Going to work now is brilliant. It’s totally changed for the better.”

“Communication is hugely improved. If things keep going the way they are, it’ll be marvellous.”


Commercial/community mediation service…

“We honestly didn’t think we could resolve so much in so short a time – thank you.”


Conflict management coaching…

“I’ve just realised, you’re not judging me. It really is OK to be me… Oh my God, I can’t tell you what that means.”

“Throughout this conflict coaching, I’ve learnt alot about myself; and how fear has stopped me being honest about what I need. Thank you so much.”

“I was surprised, as part of the process, to find myself looking at things from the other person’s point of view. It was hard. But so good. Now I can see that what I was thinking of doing won’t advance my goal at all.”



What colleagues say:

“Keave is an excellent listener with great empathy. She leaves no stone unturned in seeking to bring parties to a solution, through her energy and perseverance.  Keave is very easy to work with as she is honest, supportive and has the capacity to both take constructive criticism and give it.”

Cormac Ryan, Employee Assistance Officer | Negotiator | Mediator (Former Mediation Lecturer – Independent College, 2014-15)

“What makes Keave stand out as a mediator is her very perceptive and highly empathetic understanding of her clients’ needs and her professional approach to the mediation process. It is always a joy working with Keave as it is a rewarding experience and I learn so much from her.”

Liam Purcell, Co-Mediator: Dublin Community Mediation, South West Dublin, and Community Law & Mediation (CLM), Limerick