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At times like this, you need One Small Step. We can help you reduce, resolve and transform conflict – at home, at work, in your community and in yourself.


  • We work on what’s important to you
  • We are here to listen as you tell us what concerns you
  • Is it an event, an episode? Something that has happened, or something you foresee happening?
  • It could be a difference of opinion, of values or identity
  • In your experience, conflict may be a mixture of these things
  • The fallout might be local or have a far wider reach

Well-handled conflict can be very positive. With One Small Step, you’re much closer to a hugely improved atmosphere at home and at work. You’re much closer to being able to handle conflict better.

Should you ignore or draw attention to conflict?

Some people avoid disagreement because:

  • They don’t want to make things worse
  • They don’t appreciate the affect of an issue on someone else
  • They think ignoring what’s happening might stop it happening.  It doesn’t. Nor does it stop it escalating
  • They fear a loss of control, if they ‘hand over’ a situation

People have five main styles of handling conflict:

  1. Avoid it
  2. Give in / accommodate
  3. Stand your ground / compete
  4. Compromise
  5. Collaborate / work together

Sometimes the way we handle differences and disagreements depends on what has happened:

  • How much does it matter to us?
  • What’s at stake?
  • What, also, is the conflict behaviour style of the other person?

The different ways in which we handle dispute can often make things worse. This is where restorative practice, mediation and conflict management coaching are empowering and can be of enormous help. This is where One Small Step comes in, to help you handle conflict better. When you’re ready to take that step we’re here.