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Workplace and Family Mediation Service Dublin

One Small Step will look after you


with an expert Family Mediation Service

in which we’ll hear you and then we’ll help you


with Couples’ Mediation

where timing can be vital


with Workplace and Organisational Mediation

where we’ll make it easier for you to  ‘harness (disputes) to thrive’


Conflict is both real and very normal. Unsurprisingly, when ‘not addressed effectively, emotions can run high and individuals suffer.’

Along with Germany,  we Irish spend the most hours a week dealing with workplace conflict.  Some 40% of us have experienced it, with only 20% feeling our managers handled it well. On the positive side, about 50% of our employee body has now had conflict management training.

Here at One Small Step, we don’t just offer an expert workplace, couples and family mediation service. We provide constructive conflict management coaching and restorative practice facilitation too.

One Small Step works for you.


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