Why opt for mediation or facilitation, over arbitration or even a ‘day in court’?

  • People opt in to family and workplace mediation because it is readily accessible. It is also independent and confidential
  • Mediation costs much less – financially and personally – than other ways of addressing disputes and complaints
  • You are the focus in workplace and family mediation. There’ll be no third-party deciding the outcome. The process belongs to you and ends with your decisions
  • Your mediator will help you to be heard and also, crucially, help you to really hear
  • S/he won’t give advice, but will focus on facilitating a way forward, through constructive discussion
  • Mediation works, in an overwhelming majority of cases
  • Your relationships, at home and at work, can be significantly improved
  • Workplace and family mediation is practiced extensively in Ireland and has widespread support. Solicitors and barristers are now obliged to advise their clients to consider mediation, under the Mediation Act 2017 which came into force on January 1st, 2018
  • At One Small Step you can choose to work with one mediator or two, under the co-mediation model
  • We’ll work at your pace, at times and in venues that suit you

When do we begin?

As early as possible. Often workplace and family mediation services are employed almost like an end of the line option – when there has been so much hurt and damage to relationships and livelihoods.

Mediation can undoubtedly be hugely effective at these later stages. Imagine though, the results it might produce, if it’s begun alot earlier, when problems first emerge? The distress and fallout that early-stage intervention could prevent?

Whenever the time is right for you to choose mediation, restorative practice facilitation, conflict management coaching or a personalised amalgam of these approaches – please get in touch in complete confidence. We’re here to answer any questions, or simply to have a chat.